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Use the free Virtualbox to run our VRX IT VM Courses

Apparently VirtualBox is a free program that lets you run VMs for free ! As such Virtualbox is a great alternative for those who cannot afford Hyper-V or the VMWARE products. Furthermore, besides having its own Virtual Machine format, it looks like Virtualbox may be capable of running both Microsoft’s and VMWARE’s proprietary VM formats […]

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Scripted-Quick Sharepoint 2013 Farm VMWARE VM installation Guide ( Step-by-step )

Now available: This is the scripted/quick walk-through which lets you install your one or two server Sharepoint 2013 Test Farm very quickly ( 5 – 6 hours total install time with minimum interaction on your part) . It is based on VMWARE Workstation. This walk through is designed for developers or administrators who want […]

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